Project Ziro are the Main Distributor for Nilan products in the UK

We understand that every project is different and are happy to discuss your needs and develop effective solutions to ensure success in your development.

What we offer

Our engineers will work with you as early as project conception to ensure that the benefits of our systems match your project’s needs.

We work with your architects and engineers providing layout drawings and advice, to ensure the system fully integrates with other M&E services. Full collateral warranties can be provided.

Our logistics team work with the site teams, ensuring a seamless supply operation.

Quality Control
As the installation progresses an experienced Project Ziro Contract Manager is on hand to guide the site teams to make sure a quality installation takes place.

Our engineers fully test, balance and commission the system on completion, then issue certification and O&M documentation.

Extensive Aftercare

End user training
We offer full product training to both the client team and end users.  This training can be extended to provide ongoing energy advice to tenants and property owners.

Previous experience shows that with this support, tenants are able to manage their energy usage better leading to considerable savings in utility bills and more importantly it ensures correct usage of the systems leading to fewer breakdowns.


Our Aftercare and Maintenance teams will carry out planned maintenance visits, contacting end users prior to visits and keeping them informed on progress. Visits are carried out throughout the year to change filters and check sound operation of the systems. Filter management is imperative to any ventilation system as it ensures the living space is provided with the cleanest air possible

Energy monitoring
Some clients opt for the energy monitoring system. Once installed we can remotely monitor the systems energy usage and quickly pinpoint apartments that have excessive use. These properties can then be quickly investigated to resolve any issues. Energy management can be useful to larger estate owners looking to reduce their CO2 usage. With the energy monitoring system we can identify issues such as reduced filter air flow indicating potential problems before they happen, thus reducing mechanical failure and tenant complaints.

Extended Warranties
Some clients require the main contractors to provide a
2 year warranty. We can offer both 12 and 24 month warranties and maintenance to fit in with contractual requirements. Maintenance agreements can then be transferred to estate managers after the main contract is complete.

Ronan and Tiernan Bourke founded Project Ziro in 2020 in direct response to the growing need for low energy systems to combat the global energy crisis. With extensive experience in the construction industry and a background in heat pumps and ventilation, they’ve partnered with Nilan Denmark, a major heating manufacturer.

Nilan have been installing their systems in low energy properties throughout Europe and north America for the last 45 years.

With growing changes to UK legislation, these revolutionary systems are ideal for growing low energy housing market. The systems can be installed in new build apartments, houses and the deep retrofit arena. We offer an extremely low energy solution for the provision of cost-effective Heating, Hot Water and Ventilation. Our system does not require an outdoor unit therefore perfect for apartments without access to external space.

Along with energy efficiency, another major benefit to developers is space saving. The compact units do not require large plant rooms and are located within each apartment much like traditional boilers and tanks. And this means that hot water does not need to travel from plant rooms or district system through corridors – a practise which traditionally caused overheating through heat loss to common areas.


Plant room space savings can then be used for parking, bike, or bin storage or in some cases additional accommodation.