The Allrounder
Compact P 


Daily air exchange with the removal of dust particles, smells and excess humidity in exchange for a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. When it is hotter inside than outside the house, a built-in bypass makes sure to let cool air directly into the house.

– Ideal Solution for Air tight Buildings

– Active & Passive heat recovery

– Provides Ventilation up to 430m3/h

– Comfort Heating and Comfort Cooling

– Sanitary hot water production

– 100% Certified for passive housing

The Compact P

Ideal for Aparthotels requiring Ventilation up to 300m³/h

Compact P Air 9

Ideal Houses or apartments with outdoor space or balcony

Compact P GEO

Perfect for clients that want to avail of ground sourced heat

Compact P XL

Best for ventilation requirements up to 430 m³/h

Compact S

Best for Apartments and Apart Hotels with limited space