The Nilan Compact P is an energy-efficient, indoor climate solution designed for various types of buildings, including low-energy structures, single-family homes, flats and small office areas.


  • The Compact P combines ventilationheat recovery, and domestic hot water (DHW) production.
  • It ensures a daily air exchange by removing dust particles and excess humidity, contributing to a pleasant and healthy indoor environment.
  • When the indoor temperature exceeds the outdoor temperature, a built-in bypass allows cool air directly into the house.
  • For a comprehensive solution that covers central heating, consider pairing the Compact P with an outdoor air or ground source heat pump.

Technical information:

  • The Compact P recovers energy from extracted air using a highly efficient counterflow heat exchanger.
  • Any remaining energy not utilised by the heat exchanger is used by the heat pump to produce hot water and further heat the supply air.
  • The heat pump has a reversible cooling circuit, allowing it to cool the supply air by up to 8°C during summer (though it doesn’t function as an air conditioning system).
  • The supply air is dehumidified during cooling, enhancing indoor comfort.


In summary, the Nilan Compact P offers energy efficiency and versatile functionality, making it a smart investment for your indoor climate needs.

Key technical specifications:

900 x 610 x 2,065 mm

202 kg

Heat exchanger type:
Polystyrene counterflow heat exchanger

Fan type:
EC (constant rotation)

Filter class:
Standard G4

Duct connections:
Ø 160 mm

Supply voltage:
230 V (±10%),
50/60 Hz

Max input/power:
2.2 kW/9.6 A
(or 3.4 kW/14.8 A)