Compact P


Add-on Modules

Compact P 

Daily air exchange removes dust particles, smells and excess humidity, resulting in a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. The integrated heat pump also provides cooling by utilising its reverse cycle function. This ensures consistent temperatures for all seasons and prevents overheating issues that are common in apartments.

Ideal solution for airtight buildings

Active & Passive heat recovery

Ventilation Capacity: 275 m³/h

– Heating and cooling

– Hot water production

– 100% certified for passive housing

The Compact P is also available in the following versions, with a smaller footprint, higher flow rate and with additional Air Unit as required:

The Compact S

The Compact P XL

The Compact P XL + Air 9


Combi 302 Polar Top

Combi 302 Polar

Optional factory-fit add-on modules

The products listed here are optional factory fit add-ons for different applications.

The Geo Module

The energy-efficient and low-noise GEO thermal heat pump heats the home via floor heating or low temperature radiators, retrieving energy from the earth. The heat pump has an electrical power supply to help it function during very cold periods. GEO can also cool the home in the summer with passive cooling, either through the underfloor heating system or fan coils.

Additionally, the GEO ground source heat pump can be used to produce hot water for domestic use, either by pre-heating the water in a buffer tank, or directly in a Compact P hot water tank, if bought with a solar coil.

The EK Module

This acts as a boost in properties that are not performing as well as possible. This module is used only if you need additional heat and it is needed to be distributed via underfloor heating or a wet radiator system.

The District Heating Module

This plate heat exchanger is installed to avail of district heating if installed in your area. The low temperature water from the district heating is used to pre-heat the water cylinder and can also be diverted to a heater battery that can be installed either on the air entering the building or the air entering the space. District heating modules can be used to make your development ‘District heating ready.